Intelligent voice navigation: FlyAudio Golden G8 carries QuJia Xing Che Zhu Shou software
The concept of connected car is becoming more popular among the car owners in recent years. The IoV integrating intelligent management, intelligent services and intelligent control is an important spin-off from Internet+. The construction and maintenance of IoV has been the spotlight of auto industry. 


As a leading corporation in vehicle navigation, FlyAudio has something to express in terms of the IoV ecological construction. Relying on its outstanding performance of hardware production, FlyAudio works closely with auto partners who own excellent software to build up the IoV ecology, which is a crucial part for FlyAudio to improve its internet products.

Recently, FlyAudio unveils the blockbuster FlyAudio Golden G8II, the intelligent vehicle navigation officially carries the software QuJia Xing Che Zhu Shou owned by NavInfo, a digital map provider. The move is regarded as an alliance between giants of excellent hardware and software in an effort to build up the IoV ecological system. Navlnfo, the China's largest digital map provider, has been dedicated to construct the IoV ecology and the offered products and services are able to be accessed in different industries. Its excellent performance in geographic information forms the solid foundation to build IoV ecology. QuJia Xing Che Zhu Shou, the new software of WeDrive series Navlnfo launched this summer, provides more effective in-vehicle information service for car owner, connecting the internet. 


On the strength of the integration of its powerful in-vehicle information service system and voice recognition technology offered by Sogou, the car software combines and magnifies the function of voice and service, featured by the interaction-oriented and simple design which can be built into G8II in the form of light App.

The 4G top-speed network and powerful hardware in FlyAudio Golden G8II provides a new operational platform, as well as an alternative option for car owners when they buy the multi-function and high-quality vehicle navigation. 


Car owner can conduct the functions includes real-time monitoring, vehicle start-stop check, running track check and real-time traffic status check in the connected G8II by smart phone, which provides a more intelligent, prompt and precise driving experience for the owners. The car software provides a round manager service such as car application, information, entertainment, social contact and safety driving in G8II. 


Owing to the main characters of outstanding in-vehicle service concept and high-recognition natural semantic comprehension, the software improves the experience of voice function in G8II. Built in Qualcomm quad-core chip, G8II is also able to fully support the software performance in precise voice recognition function. 


The precision performance of Sogou voice recognition reflects in two aspects: one is that it optimizes the driving condition to maintain over 95% recognition rate in the window-opening status as well as less than 500 milliseconds in response time. The other is about the logic of voice multi-layer interaction. Thanks to the big data bases and artificial intelligent technology owned by NavInfo, it's unnecessary for users to understand the special commands. Instead, they can ask questions freely to the car software which can precisely comprehend users' purpose and provide related services in different scenes.

FlyAudio settles down to construct the IoV ecology and focus on the market demand change, in a bid to provide more interest other than driving for car owners. Connection is the core feature of G8II series which is combined with QuJia Xing Che Zhu Shou, the car software, to perfect the outfit FlyAudio' s IoV products. From the perspective of car owners, FlyAudio is committed to build the more operable, intelligent and excellent-quality connected vehicle navigation.