The warm-up for CIAACE: FlyAudio ads lands on Beijing railway station
FlyAudio Galaxy G9 series ads has officially been due in Beijing railway station in July 13th, 2015, which indicates the start of the brand promotion and product campaign for the second half of the year. Beijing, the China's capital city, is the political and cultural center, national key city as well as the national critical transportation junction.

Beijing station, an important window not only for China's capital but also for the China, is known as "Capital's Guest Meeting Door". It faces to Chang an Avenue, adjoins Tiananmen Square and is the only railway station within the second ring road. Relying on the superior physical position, it attracts 300-500 thousands of human traffics. 


Since Citizen Watch became the first stationed brand, and now FlyAudio, it has been the place where many corporation brands compete to show off their products.

After four months since last one, FlyAudio brand again takes to the stage of Beijing Station. The time when Galaxy G9 made debut in Beijing is March, the month in spring season, early this year. During the CIAACE, FlyAudio directs a grand new product release conference in China World Hotel Beijing. Galaxy G9 flagship, the main character in conference, integrated with 4G function earlier than others, is introduced again in Beijing station today. 


The move looks like that FlyAudio place a bomb early this year which triggers the explosion of technology reform in the industry. The kind of influence, which is still leading now even after half a year, impresses the industry a lot. Not merely the product, but the propaganda includes the booth style and the coherent online-and-offline start to end has been becoming a role model in the industry.

As always, FlyAudio chooses Beijing where nationwide clients and car owners can know about FlyAudio's trend and major updates earlier. In return, FlyAudio will better serve them and bring better products and experience for them.

Try to do the best to what you decide to start, which is the foundation and belief of FlyAudio behavior.