Like playing in Wechat -FlyAudio forum App officially launched
FlyAudio Forum is a very popular online forum in vehicle navigation industry, with more than 147 thousands registered users and over 3000IP online every day. A lot of domestic and overseas DIY experts in navigation hardware and software are fascinated by the forum, where various online and offline events are organized regularly, therefore, different spin-off QQ groups and offline team originations are running all over the nation.

Before the National Day of 2015, FlyAudio releases the mobile APP of forum with great publicity ahead, which means that FlyAudio Forum has taken another big step in the development of cross-platform.

By means of the App, the users are able to access many practical information, which they can check the industry news, search products online, inquire nationwide distributors in real-time and verify authentication online, etc.

The App provides a brand new forum experience to play like in Wechat in terms of the community function, where the user can take picture and share it instantly, even comment and like it. What's more, the registered users are able to add friends and communicate each other in it.

The release of FlyAudio Forum APP represents a milestone in the development of the Forums multi-platform.

Welcome to scan the QR Code or search in SnapPea(as well as in other Android App market), and download the FlyAudio Forum App accordingly. Please search "" in SnapPea to acquire it.

Tips: currently the App is not available for IOS9.