Future exploration: FlyAudio steps into internet era
Connect and explore the future!

FlyAudio & GoodView technology release conference is started at China World Hotel Beijing in February 24th of 2016. Focusing on technology development for a year, FlyAudio has made another tech breakthrough for the industry this year, which portrays the future of car life for the owner.

In addition to the products, FlyAudio also forecasts and depicts the future of car life in internet era.

Mr. Hu Dingsheng, from Guangdong Creator &FlyAudio

Mr. Zhou Hui

Several senior executives from FlyAudio group, including Mr. Zhou Hui and Mr. Hu Dingsheng, have make propaganda speeches for the new products on site. Mr. Zhang Lei, the general manager of BaiDu IoV(Internet of Vehicle) Business which was the cooperative partner of FlyAudio in IoV, is also invited to deliver his presentation. The record of cooperation of both sides in IoV Carlife has become the focus of the conference.

During the presentation, Mr. Zhang also introduces both our accomplishment and future development orientation in products. Currently, FlyAudio is the first company to build BaiduCarLife solution into the vehicle navigation in the automatic aftermarket.

FlyAudio has officially revealed the CarLife special edition for FlyAudio, fetching the more convenient, intelligent and human experience for car owners by the deeply integrated product.

More than that, Baidu Map will share the valuable road data of more than 6.5 million kilometers in real-time traffic status, where car owners benefit a lot from the real close connection of human and car.

On the subject of future cooperation, Mr. Zhang discloses the next move-Mycar, another software related to IoV, which is expected to help car owners understand themselves, their cars and their car life more efficiently.

It's like a tradition that there is something fresh invariably coming up with in every conference when we all gather together. It makes no exception this time, and FlyAudio shares the sophisticated technology in automatic electronics to the participants from the industry, different media and cooperative partners whom fortunately has witnessed this historic moment.

Surprisingly in this conference, instead of focusing on a single aspect, FlyAudio proves its broad vision in the plan of branding and products. GoodView, a brand of intelligent rearview mirror branched out from FlyAudio, makes the debut to the public, sharing its developing story. As expected, several important products are also introduced at the scene.

FlyAudio has proposed the concept of Industry 4.0 for FlyAudio factory in new product release last year. On the basis of year long preparation for Industry 4.0, FlyAudio becomes clear about the factory industrialization and its development orientation, therefore the future of FlyAudio industry is displayed comprehensively this time.

FlyAudio also discloses officially the internet-featured product technology to the public during the conference, implying that FlyAudio would have more advantage and influence in future development as well as in IoV. Furthermore, it is expected to bring more intelligent, human and safe driving experience to car owner relying on its in-vehicle products.

Not merely products in 2016

Whether it refers to the subjects of factory and product, or industry and internet, FlyAudio has depicted a complete map for the development plan. It is certain that a mere product or technology would not meet the requirements of car owner in future.

FlyAudio shows off its value connotation of high-end brand on site.

To favor the internet, is the start of transformation. The rule of the world proves that one grows inevitably connecting to others. In a word, FlyAudio has explored a perceptible future for car owner in the conference.

The next product conference will take place in Wu Zhou Guest House ShenZhen in February 26th of 2016, which means the first time for FlyAudio to hold the conferences in both North and South China in one year.