Singles Day: FlyAudio breaks record sales total, up to 18.15mn yuan
Alibaba 2016 Singles Day event finally comes to an end. Since it turns to be a shopping frenzy on 11 November every year, it has been a good opportunity for many retailers to compete to increase the sales of product. The sales record is constantly in recent years, while Alibaba said sales this year had reach 120.7bn yuan, beating its record the annual Singles Day event.

The same good news has been also copied to FlyAudio after its sales reached 18.15mn in Tmall, a figure much better than previous one.

Facing the Singles Day shopping carnival on November 11, FlyAudio has made a thorough plan for it ahead on September this year in efforts to make another breakthrough in record.

It's not only good news but also a touching moment for FlyAudio to reach the great record because it proves again that the car owners support and trust FlyAudio which is the driving force for us to compete in this shopping event.

Car owners get together in Guangdong, a beautiful and fascinating place, to campaign for Singles Day sales of FlyAudio.

Car owners trust FlyAudio when they choose to use FlyAudio products, and this emotion to FlyAudio is going deeper as time goes by. We appreciate the owners' support, and in return, we invite them to visit Keyuan Garden in Dongguan, followed the report of Phoenix Media, where we can enjoy the charm of ecological garden and strike out a profound conversation with the car owners.

It is also the first time for the owners to walk into FlyAudio factory where they can understand the concept of intelligent manufacturing and modern industry strength behind this powerful brand perception.

In three rounds of living streaming, FlyAudio joins hands with the celebrities from auto industry to send gifts to audience.

In the Singles Day, on November 11 this year, FlyAudio makes full of new fashionable tools that we live stream programme to bring surprise news and gifts for the owners. Collaborating with Tmall, and some renowned auto media including Wan Che Jiao Shou and Auto Magazine, FlyAudio launches three rounds of "Giving gifts of auto product from four major car brands" activity in the most popular live streaming platform, where the owners find a great challenge game between beauties and luxury cars. The gifts prepared for car owners includes giving "Red envelope", an online form which contains digital cash, throughout the whole live streaming, unconditional discount coupons and fans gift packs, which demonstrates the brand values of caring the car owners.

FlyAudio is willing to share anything interesting with car owners. Anyone who buy the vehicle navigation will be given a present from FlyAudio. These presents include single 7-day travel to Bali, IPhone 6S and RMB500 cash, etc which are all consumed in a short time since the start of Singles Day, and the traffic of online flagship store is also very high. Also, the popular model Galaxy G9 reaches the sales of 1767 sets. Once again we witness the owners' passion and pursue for FlyAudio product, as well as their support and trust to the brand of FlyAudio. We appreciate the owners' continuous support which brings us the honor of No.1 brand that ranks the top sales for 26 consecutive months in Tmall.

FlyAudio makes deliveries of goods for 24 hours without interruption, in order to ensure the good shopping experience for car owners.

Since the Singles Day shopping frenzy is the best opportunity for E-commerce companies to promote their products, it also means a tough challenge for the brand businesses. The sharp rise of store visiting, orders, trading volume and shipments is a big test for factory, logistics, e-commerce marketplace and retailer's operation.

In an effort to serve well the car owners, FlyAudio headquarter adopts a plan to make deliveries for 24 hours without interruption, which every department personnel have to work hard in the product preparation in a bid to guarantee that the goods reach the owners as early as possible. In return, FlyAudio also builds up an all-round and highly efficient brand service chain throughout the shipment process.