Trial on new features of G8II: the launch of nationwide FlyAudio car owner experience event

G8II is a brand-new-generation vehicle generation designed by the inspiration of internet thought, and its nationwide car owner experience event is continuing with great public popularity. The participated cities include Jinan, Shanghai and Chengdu in the first phase.

The participants in Shandong

The participants in Shanghai

The participants in Chengdu

The brand new G8II is developed and upgraded based on its predecessor Gold G8. G8II has added the internet remote monitoring function after it inherits G8's perfect tone quality.

G8II supports SIM card direct insertion and is roundly compatible with the 4G communication systems from China Mobile, China Union and China Telecom. The specifically developed mobile APP offers to conduct remote monitoring. When the App is activated, the vehicles installed G8II can be monitored in real time by means of different sectors including real-time video monitoring, vehicle status monitoring, real-time position monitoring and vehicle motion trail record playback, etc.

FlyAudio Car Assistant APP

A quote from the picture, "G8II's golden tone quality"

The pioneering use of front-and-back dual cameras which has applied full-digital cameras overcomes the development bottleneck of simulated camera solution in the market which realizes the real full HD digital as it should mean literally. The digital camera is also responsible to provide data supply in support of the remote video monitoring.

The front HD digital camera

The brand new design in hardware which is expected to meet the challenge in internet era makes possible the remote wakening function built in G8II.

G8II network module is able to be remotely activated by mobile APP when the vehicle turns off. In other words, the vehicle navigation can be launched whether it is in the park or other outdoor places. Moreover, the real-time video monitoring can work in car park, and even if the monitoring stops, the system would cut off the power automatically in order to save the power of battery.

Meanwhile, it also makes possible to monitor the current status of vehicle including whether to close door, lock the door and turn off lights, etc.

With the help of G8II, the users no need to worry about if they has closed or locked the doors well in time in raining days.

At the time of internet, the traditional vehicle navigation cannot meet the demand of current younger-generation car owners who want to play in the navigation exactly same as in the cell-phone to experience more about internet features. In this case, the G8II is the best choice for car owners.

Through the event, the nationwide car owners have learned about the real internet vehicle navigation in G8II.

Thanks for the sponsored merchants and participated car teams which includes as:

Shandong Jinan Creator Electronic Technology Limited Company

Shanghai FlyAudio Flagship Store

Chengdu TengFei Car Audio Company

Chengdu Hong Yu Car Audio Company

Shandong FlyAudio Alliance of Motorists

Shandong Toyota Motorists Club

Shandong Volkswagen Motorists Club

Shanghai Volkswagen Motorists Club

Sichuan FlyAudio Motorist Club

Shandong Jinan Creator company

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