Commentsfrom media on G8II, FlyAudio's new-generation vehicle navigation
Currently G8II is not yet offered for sale in the market, which the reports of G8II spread around car owners but no device is available for them. During the period before it comes to the market following its launch, different media starts to test and evaluate G8II in order to unveil the essence of G8II for all car owners.

Early this year, FlyAudio has releases the new-generation navigation - Gold G8II. Based on the accomplishment of G8, the first-generation one, G8II outperforms its predecessor in the hardware properties, function, interconnection and experience, which should deserve much expectation on it.

How's the performance of this new G8II? Let's check with the media. 


Let's quote one comment from the media as "If you want more fun and tasteful experience more than merely comfortable operation, what comes up to many players should be FlyAudio G series, a premium brand in the national aftermarket of car navigation. " 


Through the test report of, the most impressive and favorable feature of Gold G8II is the connection function. How do they test the connection in the field test? Let's check this huge upgrade in connected experience and try the "black technology" in Wechat, a popular social app in China. 


G8II is built in a QR code linked to special software for connection called "FlyAudio Car Assistant", where car owner scan the code to download the App or subscribe FlyAudio's Wechat public ID (two versions as mentioned). You can bind the software ID to your navigation in "Setting" section, and G8II connection can activate its related function which includes positioning and theft-against, long-range navigation, remote shutdown, running track and car management, etc.

In the meantime, they also sum up a few of skills which are common and easy to understand for using our cars.

In the places you don't know well, you can locate your car position through the Car Assistant to avoid any embarrassment like forgetting where you left the car.

In the case that you have to change the destination temporarily when you're driving but the route looks unfamiliar, you don' t have to reset the position while you only need to send the destination information via the telephone, which the simple action can be done by youself or by the people sitting next to you. You don' t have to do anything in G8II, and the system will plan a new route and start to navigate automatically.

By means of Car Assistant, you are able to read the car status. You would receive alarms if there is any problem about security.

During the test, also pays attention to the feature of digital high definition. The function is demonstrated more straightforward in the car test when the digits are able to read in vehicle navigation.

It even gains more confidence for car owner that the serial number of RMB banknotes can be recognized clearly, which means G8II can display license plate number of remote car and it ensures the effectiveness of collecting evidence in a large scale.

Also, CarCAV cares more about the golden sound quality of FlyAudio G8II, which you can notice from the title of test article it publishes, "Reliable for sound".

CarCAV always praises G8II' s sound quality, saying "speaking of sound quality, FlyAudio is doing well in it all the time. Compared to other manufacturers, the product positioning of FlyAudio is developed based on the principle of car audio modification." 


In the field test, CarCAV pays more attention to the hardware configuration of sound quality in G8II, including its 5-core computing DSP, EPCOS professional acoustic capacitor from Munich German, etc. The hardware guarantees the output of golden sound quality and excellent performance in symphony, human voice, rock and DJ electronic music, etc.

During the test, 9-stage EQ equalizer also increases the playability of acoustic output, which caters to different users' favors by the multiple channel regulation. CarCAV selects a music called "Du Kou" from singer Cai Qing to start the test.

As CarCAV comments, G8II makes up the original car audio's insufficient performance in mega bass, which is an enormous improvement to original acoustics. The car owner can feel it even at the beginning of drum, while furthermore the improvement is reflected in excellent performance of stable bass output and mid-frequency human voice.

Later on, CarCAV will set up different series of audio system to start the comparative test in specialized audition room.

From the field tests of and CarCAV, they both give positive comments on the function of connection, sound quality and digital HD. Meanwhile, it's roundly implemented all-network-accessible 4G in G8II, which brings better experience in connection for users. After that, more auto media, including XCART, IFENG Auto, QQ Auto and PC Auto, express that they will also conduct field test for G8II, which assumes more product trial experience for car owners.