Precision marketing &deep coverage: 2016 FlyAudio kicks off its national market strategy exchange event
FlyAudio annual comprehensive market strategy nationwide exchange activity is officially launched in December 19, 2015. In the exchange, FlyAudio makes a comprehensive work summary for the past as well as a plan for the future. Over the past year, although the competition is growing, FlyAudio has practiced the effective marketing strategy and developed high-end & excellent quality products. In return, FlyAudio maintains a sustainable growth in market share. 


North China region, Yantaistop

A lot of novel marketing words spring up in the year of 2015when everybody talks about Internet+, attracting unprecedentedly huge attentions in the industry. Many views say the vehicle aftermarket has been in a recession this winter and many related companies try hard to transform the business and restructure the resources. In contrast, FlyAudio insists the strategy of precision marketing and deep coverage to analyze the market need, which guarantees its prosperity however the market changes. 


East China region, Wuxi stop

In recent days, another new round of FlyAudio nationwide market strategy exchange is kicked off. The distributors from different regions gather together to discuss the business operation strategy enforced in next year, dedicating themselves to build up a market model of effective precision marketing. 


FlyAudio constantly introduces creative products to the market in efforts to satisfy consumers' need. Meanwhile, FlyAudio differentiates itself from others in the market operation, which FlyAudio works with national distributors to introduce the new products more efficiently, effectively and precisely. Therefore, the move maintains the product market share growing in a good margin. FlyAudio believes in win-win situation in future in terms of a close collaboration ahead with the distributor in 2016. 


In terms of the plan to next year, FlyAudio and the distributors will strive again to implement every market plan in the strategic standard. Both parties would succeed in the vehicle aftermarket of 2016, though given the mounting competition.