Internet+ era: seminar of G6S product introduction in Zhejiang
To cater to the trend of the Internet+ era, a new-concept product introduction seminar is unfolded in Zhejiang in May 31st, 2015. The seminar, which is co-organized by FlyAudio, Hangzhou Zhituo Car Accessories Company and their invited Zhejiang area distributors, focuses on the subject of G6S series introduction. The presented representatives, includes Mr. Xu Shanzhen (GM of Hangzhou Zhituo Car Accessories), Mr. Zhou Haisheng (Channel Director of FlyAudio) and Mr. Bu Shicheng (Manager of East China region of FlyAudio), etc, share the opinions and solutions for G6S marketing in Zhejiang. 


Mr. Zhou Haisheng, Director of Channel Department from FlyAudio, hosts a talk "Discuss the change"

Internet+ has become a very popular concept after our prime minister proposed to enact the action plans. Internet+ means to integrate traditional industry to the internet which can generate a new ecological industry. As one of market segments of Internet, IoV (Internet of Vehicle) is coming up, which the connections between car and people, car and road, car and car and car and other fields are growing up into a big ecosystem. Internet+ involves not only a marketing reform but also an ecological revolution. Hence, FlyAudio will strive to construct the intelligent hardware platform for the IoV. 


Under the new circumstance, some new rules in product promotion are expected pop up accordingly. FlyAudio also has to catch up with the change in the marketing of G6S in Zhejiang.

The seminar, full of new concepts about products, is unveiled in the wake of a brief speech from Mr. Xu Shanzhen. Mr. Zhou Haisheng brings the seminara new concept which is to discuss the change upon the upcoming of Internet+. FlyAudio is a traditional company from its whole structure, but we have been always willing to fully adopt the tool of Internet. G6S, the Android-system vehicle navigation and also the main character of today's seminar, can connect the Internet for vehicle life, which demonstrates FlyAudios proneness to the Internet. 


Mr. Xu Shanzhen, the general manager from Hangzhou Zhituo Company

Facing the new market ecological environment, every distributor should not only update itself in product selection, but should also own good market sensitivity and plan ahead in the marketing in a bid to introduce new concept into store sale in time. Marketing strategic should be updated after the change in this new era. Mr. Zhou contributes not only a new concept but also an opportunity of marketing transition in the seminar. 



After that, Mr. Bu Shicheng explains in details about G6S, which all can learn more knowledge about G6S. Also, Mr. Xu Chengrong proposes the operation solution of G6S launch in Zhejiang, as well as the blueprint following it. In the end, Mr. Qu Changjie, the GM of ShangdongYantaiYuesheng Company, shares the case of E-retailing installation in Yantai, Shandong with others and discusses about the services of vehicle navigation.

In the wake of the introduction of G6S in Zhejiang, we have to keep in mind that the time is changing while our product marketing philosophy should also be updated with no delay. We should not only embrace the Internet in product but also master the philosophy of Change to make good use of Internet.