Frequently Asked Questions
  • How about your navigation hardware and software?
      The navigation hardware used in our products adopt the  famous CPU of Samsung 400MHZ processor, 64 MB SDRAM,64 MB Flash ROM, GPS chip is the latest high sensitived--- GlobalSat model with 12 channel "All-In-View" tracking navigation system, precise and suited for every conditions.  
    About Software, we use WINDOWS CE5.0 NET, and edited completely by our engineers.
    Could you tell me something about the configuration of your products?
      A. Adopt the sharp HD TFT LCD Screen with the solution 800*480 (Sharp LCD screen)
    B. Adopt dual core CPU(the  famous CPU of Samsung 400MHZ processor, 64 MB SDRAM,64 MB Flash ROM) ,one control GPS navigation, the other control car entertainment
    C. Adopt the Korean DVS chip , the top ten brand chip in the AV industries.
    How to work out the problem of radio lacking of HF and dull sound effect?
      upgrade the BIOS to the 0320 version, it will solve this problem.
    How can I scan the frequency by hand of the general unit without the TUNE button?
      You can scan the frequency by the SEEK+ button, or the SEEK - button in the left panel of the general unit.
    Why there is not image while playing DVD ?

    If there is sound without image while playing DVD or AVI format, please setup the HANDBRAKE to OFF in the setup page. The funcation of HANDBRAKE forbids you watch at the same time driving and avoid the accident.

    What should I do as there is not GPS signal suddenly ?
      If there is not GPS signal suddenly or for a long time, you can restart the GPS model via the cool start mode in the setup page to serve the problem.
    Do FLYAUDIOI'S units support the CAN-BUS ?
      Of course, FLYAUDIO'S units can support CAN-BUS, such as:VW Sagitar steering wheel control and Toyota Camry steering wheel control etc.
    How to connect the headrest display? does it need some modification?
      It is no need to do any modification because FLYAUDIO's products attach special cables for headrest display , whose output is RCA. As long as the display with RCA input is OK no matter the brand of the display is.
    What is the function of handbrake check?
      For driving safety, no allow driver to view the monitor in case of some accident happening. on the contrast, the vice-driver and the back seat passenger can enjoy the viewing pleasure if the handbrake detectionv is set "off". Whether Handbrake check is set or not never trouble your pleasure sounding and viewing while driving.
    Can we enjoy the music or vision while navigation?
      Flyaudio's main unit adopts dual core CPU design, one CPU controls navigation, the other controls the mediaplayer. That is to say, navigation and vision enjoyment are separate, without any interference. So you can enjoy the music while navigation.
    However,  auto mute car audio when there is a voice remind during the navigation, when finished with the voice remind, the system will return to car audio mode. Which makes your driving safely.
    Does the output audio of flyaudio's units support the connection with external Amplifier?
      All kinds of the flyaudio's units are included four channels of pre-audio output such as: front-left output, front-right output, rear-left output, rear-right output.
    Maximum output level: 2.0V
    Maximum output resistance: 100 ohm
    Can be connected to all kinds of external Amplifier
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