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  • R&D Introduction
    While the public takes delight in talking about brand legend created by FlyAudio Navigation, we pay more attention to the story behind the legend: FlyAudio’s R&D teams. Our R&D teams consist of over 300 professional members, holding more than 20% of the company’s total population, and distributed to electronic, mechanical, software, structure and other project departments
    Innovation is vital for an enterprise, especially for a high-tech company. FlyAudio R&D Department is divided into Basic Research Division and Product R&D Division, both of which are responsible for discussing and proving advanced technologies, applying research achievement into products, and developing a new generation of products.
    FlyAudio adheres to military-level R&D attitude. Every year, we introduce world-class hardware equipment such as manufacturing devices and detection instruments, to enrich and perfect our supporting facilities. Our professional R&D teams keep innovating and become the technical leader of the industry. Meanwhile, the company also designates good engineers to learn outstanding scientific and research achievements abroad.
    The company’s present development orientation is to enhance independent innovation capacity, promote basic research on application and the development of core technology with proprietary intellectual property rights, and completes the transformation of innovative science and technology mechanism, according to the requirements of internet era, and the company’s development strategy and plan in the future.