Company Profile
      Welcome to Company Profile.

    FLYAUDIO CORPORATION was founded in 2007 by CREATOR GROUP CHINA which is the largest audio&video equipment manufacturer in Asia.
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    FLYAUDIO developed rapidly and became the second largest in-dash multimedia navigation system manufacturer in china 2years after its establishment. We supply high quality products comply with ISO/TS 16949 international automotive industry technical specification which is developed by members of international automotive task force(IATF). We have obtained he approval from the world's leading vehicle manufacturers.

    FLYAUDIO keeps pace with the advance international technology and work with many famous chip manufacturers worldwide. FLYAUDIO invests 20% of annual revenue in product research and development. We also feel obliged to make our staff professional and well-trained in order to serve our customers better.

    FLYAUDIO is customer-oriented corporation.We has a very simple goal"customers' satisfaction is our first priority" . We do our best to supply first class car multimedia GPS navigation product to our customers and meet customers' demand.

      Company Main Structure
    1. R&D Department

    FLYAUDIO has a great R&D team which inherit from CRATOR GROUP. Thanks to their persistent effort, we have many intellectual property rights. And we can put the latest and useful technologies into our new car DVD/GPS products and make them outstanding and favorable.

    2. Production Department

    A. SMT Processing Department

    Conduct all the PCB boards producing and quality testing, and then assemble them.-- produce all PCB boards, test the quality and assemble them.

    B. Mould Department

    Mould department of FLYAUDIO is in charge of all the metallic and plastic mould design and production. All procedures are proceeded in workshop to ensure the quality.

    C. Painting Department

    FLYAUDIO has an advanced 100,000grade painting workshop with imported dustless painting line and a skilled painting team to ensure the solid quality of FLYAUDIO's products.

    D. Injection Department

    Equipped with top injection molding machines and devices, and with an experienced technical team, the injection department ensures of the excellent and stable product quality of mould processing and express delivery. FLYAUDIO is the pioneer in this field.

    E. Assembly Department

    This center has more than 400 employees. We have various production equipment and test devices to ensure the quality and efficiency.

    F. Quality Control Department

    "Quality is the most important" is the motto of FLYAUDIO quality control center. Our products comply with requirements of IS900S criterion by setting up a perfect, practical and effective quality management system. At the same time, it supervises all production chains to prevent from bad impact on product quality.

    3. Marketing Department

    About 10% of FLYAUDIO's staff is in marketing department. They are well-trained, professional and ready to serve our customers.

    4. Logistics Department

    FLYAUDIO logistics center establishes a perfect logistics management system. Deliver goods to global customers, track and keep them informed of latest information.


    CREATOR R&D center is as large as 1000 square meters which is comprised of basic research and product research departments. Generally speaking, the basic research mainly dedicates in technology theory research. Apply the findings into the product after proving the technology. As to the product research, it is to develop new products after proving the new technology workable.
    FLYAUDIO Car entertainment and GPS navigation products are designed and improved in that environment. Creator R&D centre set up a special department for FLYAUDIO to conduct various technology works.


    CREATOR puts 20 percent of annual revenue as research spending and brings in advanced technology and equipments. As the Car entertainment and GPS navigation products rapidly develop home and abroad, we will pay more attention to R&D annually, which makes FLYAUDIO as a competitive brand all over the world.

      R&D group

    FLYAUDIO has over 60 experienced R&D and technical engineers. The R&D groups, including electronic, mechanical, software, and design department etc. focus on product creation and quality improvement.

      R&D Environment and Equipment

    FLYAUDIO owns the biggest research institution, the best test device and set up many simulating environment by practical application. In FLYAUDIO department, we specially bring in various advanced test equipments to test products before on sales, including route emulator test, anti-vibration test, foggy test, high temperature and high humidity test etc.

      Product standard

    FLYAUDIO car entertainment and GPS navigation fully inherits the R&D standard and principle, pursuing” high technology, high performance, high quality, high reliability”